Disclaimer: No courses will be harmed in the course of this workshop

At Digital Pedagogy Lab 2019, I’m running a learning design workshop playfully entitled, ‘How to Ruin a Course’. In the three hour session, my actual intent is to help you avoid doing so. The resources used in this session are derived from the 7Cs of Learning Design toolkit, which is an open resource available here.

My workshop is a condensed version of the toolkit that draws upon critical digital pedagogy to help freshen the design perspective. Participants spend two and a half to three hours working in groups with handouts, markers, flipchart paper, and cards to help design their courses in small groups. Soft copies of the activities are provided as well, and participants can work with whatever medium they wish.

The workshop provides a space for practical design, peer support, and critical analysis. It’s also informal and fun, and mostly hands-on rather than lecture-based.

You can find the resources for the workshop below, and feel free to follow up with any questions.

Workshop Resources


How to Ruin a Course – Brainstorm

Pedagogical Features Card Sort

Persona Card

Course Map (Sample)

Course Map (Blank)

Completed Cards and Maps


How to Ruin a Course

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