For the past year, I have been enrolled in the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, and this past semester I participated in the Digital Futures for Learning module led by Jen Ross. As part of the course work, participants create an OER related to a furturing-theme (sustainability, interfaces, visibility) and a topic of their choosing.

Given that I am currently immersed in the research and creation of a course for learning/instructional designers, I created an OER aimed at that audience that practically introduces degrowth in postdigital learning design through reflection on current practice. I specifically enrolled in the Digital Futures course because of the OER assignment as I knew that it would be relevant to my work, and I hope to use and reuse elements of this resource over time.

The three-hour, interactive course is available to access online. You can download the SCORM for local use. If you would like a copy shared with you via Articulate Rise please feel free reach out to me.

Course image “Tech that Grows” by Dheeraj Nanduri for Licensed under Creative Commons-Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC-BY-NC-SA). 

Degrowth in Postdigital Learning Design

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