Tomorrow I’ll begin travelling to Connecticut before heading on to Virginia for Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018. I’ve been looking forward to this event for some time, and while I’m excited to go, my mood is being slightly hampered by a recently broken wrist.  Just two weeks ago I tripped in a truly spectacular moment of failure, and fractured my wrist in four places. I am now the owner of a titanium plate, and have fashionably sported three different casts so far.

I had hoped to spend the quieter summer months completing my CMALT portfolio, but it was not meant to be. It’s looking like I’ll be furiously writing throughout August and September.

At DPLI, I’m going to be attending Jesse Stommel’s one-day ‘Tools and Toolhacking’ course, and Chris Friend’s ‘Introduction to Critical Digital Pedagogy’ for the remaining four days. I’m also going to give a lightning talk about All Aboard and Digital Champions. I’m even carrying some of our Engagement Toolkits for anyone interested.  However, I won’t be carrying much else!

I’m also excited to be curating the @femedtech Twitter account for two weeks starting Sunday. I signed up to do it while at DPLI because I thought it might provide more food, and more tweets, for thought and sharing. Do follow the #femedtech hashtag or the account if you’re interested

Before I broke my wrist, I booked the train from Old Saybrook, Connecticut straight to Fredericksburg, Virginia. Now the seven hour journey seems a bit more daunting. I’m going to try to use the time to read, and I’ve been putting together some playlists. Late Bloomer have just released a stunning new LP, as have the ever-so-catchy Dollar Signs. I also came across a rather gnarly Dublin group called girlfriend. that will surely make it into rotation.

I hope to blog throughout the week, but I admit that this short post has left me quite sore. Time for the icepack!

It’s Nearly Time for Digital Pedagogy Lab 2018